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Photo: Tanya Humeniuk

Photos: Tanya Humeniuk

PLAYStrong –
Performing wellbeing, creative resilience: Testing interactive performance spaces

April 17-28, 2023  & May 10-12, 2023

A collaboration between the Digital Dramaturgy Lab               (DDL2) and the Interactive Media Lab (IML) at the University of Toronto. This collaboration is funded by the XSeed fund as well as an Inlight seed fund.

"We are setting up and testing several human-machine interfaces that allow for embodied interaction both in real and virtual space-time. The goal is to find out what usability such interfaces might have in a future design project serving students in their journey for maintaining good mental health in our university.  Our interfaces have originally been developed on the one hand for the use in the performing arts, including movement-based performance and participatory theatre and on the other for use in support of the elderly to maintain or improve psycho-physical agility. We want to know, whether such interfaces and forms of engagement could benefit students in their everyday challenges. Can students use these interactive environments to playfully learn how to understand their psycho-physical processes and productively navigate them?" – Antje Budde, Workshop Project Director





We would also like to thank Adrien Whan, the Technical Director at the Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies at UofT, as well as Ariel Martin-Smith, the Facility Manager, for assisting us in preparation for the workshop. We are very grateful for all their support and help.

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